New ShortBass-One 14 Fretted

New ShortBass-One 14 Fretted

New ShortBass-One 14 Fretted
cod. SB14

* Mother of pearl “Short Bass One” logo on headstock instead of the plastic one.
* The headstock is less angled so the strings do not get stuck on the nut.
* The neck has no truss bar. Advantages: the instrument is more balanced on weight and it sounds better because truss bar absorb the sound.
* Setting action: accomplished by adjusting the saddle on the bridge leaving the neck perfectly straight.
* Purfling and binding all around the sound hole and on the instrument edges: In addition to aesthetic advantage is the technical advantage that stops the instrument edges wearing because of the wood softness.
* Optimized thickness of the soundboard structures dramatically improves to a better sound than earlier version.
* Our innovative technical solution eliminates the risk of breakage of the soundboard due to changes in climate moisture while still maintaining its own elasticity.

Shortbass-One is a really acoustic musical instrument, a real alternative to double bass with the advantage of a small size.

DSC_1500SCALE: 67 cm / 26.4 inch
KEYS: 21 keys
AMPLIFICATION: single piezo pickup
TOP: Cedar
SIDE / BACK: Sapele
ROSETTE: Abalone
BINDING: Rosewood
LOGO ON HEADSTOCK: Mother of pearl
STRINGS: Red Series Aquila Corde Armoniche

All Shortbass-One models are using a new type of strings specifically designed by Aquila Corde Armoniche for this instrument: the red series. Red Series strings are basically a mixture of elastic plastic mixed with copper metal powder to make the sound rich and powerful. They are designed and manufactured at our headquarters in Vicenza – Italy

Key Features:

1) A powerful sound, rich and warm, excellent sustain.

The combination of ShortBass-One with these new strings produced a truly innovative sound with sonority very similar to the timbre of the double bass. There is nothing comparable with these strings on the market, either wound or in alternative materials.

2) They do not rotate and do not stick:
in the past the attempt of many companies by experimenting with new materials to produce alternative strings to traditional wound strings achieved poor results due to resistance of the material to the fingers, such as for silicone, or for annoying rotation of the string that makes extremely difficult to play.

DSC_1500 DSC_1501